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Cool Ideas For Crafting With Sand

This time of year, I just want to find a sandy beach and kick off my flip flops. When I get home, I often find a little sand in my pockets. And into dryer. And everywhere really! Why not get crafty with it, right? Here are a few super cute crafts you can make with sand the ...
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Pineapple Craft Ideas

What is the freshest trend in fashion, home decor, and even crafting right now? Pineapples! I know. No, I don't know why decorating with this yummy fruit has become the coolest thing going, but I have to admit...pineapples applied to things are actually really cute! Some of these are yummy and edible crafts, some are to wear, ...
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17 Super Easy 4th of July DIY Ideas

How creative can someone get with Red, White, and Blue? Very! Check out these easy and fun crafts and diy decorating ideas and see how you can make them your own! 1.4th of July Dynamite Party Favor DIY - Oh Happy Day! 4th of July Dynamite Party Favor DIY. by Chiara Alberetti Milott. The 4 th of ...
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Totally Terrific Summer Tote Bag Crafts

The perfect Summer is filled with quick getaways, sand and grass between your toes, and lots of fresh air. All this outdoor fun means packing light and packing quickly. Just a few are going to need a lot of totes! Embellishing a blank canvas tote is a fun craft classic. But have you ever thought ...
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DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Oh Dad, you don't ask for much. Just a kid-free corner of the garage to work on your projects. And maybe a Porche. Well ok, he's not getting the sports car, but you can appeal to his manly-man interests by creating a gift basket JUST for him. Some Dads like woodworking and tools. Others are grilling geniuses. Still others ...
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21 DIY Bow Crafts

Bows seem so very simple. But there are truly hundreds of ways to make handmade bows and even more crafts that might be inspired by them. Here are lots of new and modern ideas for crafting with bows - from fashion items like shoes and t-shirts...even baby onesies and baby are sure to get ...
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How To Make Paper Flowers + Free Patterns!

How to make Paper Flowers like the ones I shared on My Carolina Today this morning. Here's the clip if you missed it! WNCN: News, Weather What You'll Need: Paper - You can use paper bags, old magazines, or even newspaper to create your paper flowers. Hot Glue (like the kind in your hot glue gun. :)) How to put them ...
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24 Glass Bottle Craft Ideas

You have tons of glass bottles and jars from pasta sauce, wine, beer, etc. Get inspired to make something with them! Here are 24 craft ideas you can make using glass bottles and jars. Quick Craft: Faux Milk Glass & Paint Chip Art - This Sarah Loves Turn bottle right side up, wipe excess paint off the ...
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14 Shamrock Crafts For St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a simple little craft to do that incorporates shamrocks, green, and other fun St. Patrick's Day crafts? Try out some of these fun ones! 1.Shamrock Suncatcher Craft for Preschoolers This St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Suncatcher Craft is a great craft idea for Preschoolers. I always have wax paper around...this is a great way to craft ...
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DIY Easy Flocked Flowers

Flocking with liquid glue can be messy...messy enough you may think twice about using it for a quickie project. It can also be hard to get a design you like without some planning. Here is a super simple way to make flowers with glue or designing required! What you will need: Flocking (I used Doodlebug Flocking ...
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