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36 BEST No Sew Crafts

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Sometimes you really, really don’t want to sew. Even if you like it and know how to. I get it…I really do! Here is a list of the BEST crafts that require no sewing at all; no-sew drapes, no-sew blanket tutorials, no-sew pillows, and even a cat bed! (Yep…scroll to the bottom!) DIY Lap Desks […]

16 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make With A Sock

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That poor lonely sock. You you, that one that used to have a bestie but now just keeps ending up in the laundry pile over and over? Maybe their mates were tossed due to an un-fixable hole near the toe. Maybe they were discarded by my kids in a puddle of mud somewhere. Not even […]


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Make Gorgeous (and Simple!) Stacking Rings

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Have you seen those beautiful skinny rings everyone is wearing? I love them! Here is a super easy crafty tutorial on how to make them yourself!   You will need: Gel glue 20 gauge jewelry wire a crystal or bead – the ones I used were 6mm but 4mm works too. basic jewelry tools (needle nose […]

18 Easy DIY Sweatshirt Crafts

Sure, you have seen the sweatshirt and tee shirt quilts and pillows, but these sweatshirt crafts will inspire you to think of blank sweats in a new light! (Or maybe get inspired to make something new from scratch!) Looks Like Cross-Stitch…But It’s Not! I love this super cute take on cross-stitch crafting…grab a blank sweatshirt and some puffy […]

Summer Hoodie Tutorial

18 Easy DIY Sweatshirt Crafts

< Previous 4 Sweatshirt Crafts DIY sweatshirt add-on pocket Craft Corner: DIY sweatshirt pocket. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and knew I had to make it! I finally had time to go to Walmart today and buy a sweatshirt for only $5! Then, I had some leftover fabric from a skirt I […]

Unique Handmade Wrapping Paper Ideas

Why use the same old wrapping paper when you can create custom handmade DIY gift wrap in a hurry! 1. DIY Splatter Paint Black and White Wrapping Paper … DIY Splatter Paint Black and White Wrapping Paper ( image credit : ) 2. DIY Pop Out Hearts Wrapping Paper … DIY Pop Out Hearts […]

DIY Splatter Paint Black and White Wrapping Paper

27 bag patterns

26 Adorable Bag Patterns

There is just something so cool about a handmade bag, isn’t there? One of my all-time favorite projects is making bags. Totes and purses of all kinds…made of fabric, yarn, and even leather…so many crafty possibilities! And when you make your own with these free patterns, you can have one for every day of the […]

Make a Giant 3D Fabric Letter   Recently updated !

Another one of the decorations I made for my Sister-In-Law’s baby shower was this giant 3D Fabric Letter. It was covered in her favorite fabric — teal chevron! The cool thing about these letters is they are made with just fabric, foam board, and hot glue…this makes them surprisingly light and means you can hang […]


The 29 BEST Button Crafts

So…I’m not like a full-on hoarder or anything, but I am a collector of things. Not really collectible things as much as things I can make stuff with. I collect cereal boxes, containers, even little baby food pouch caps in hopes of them someday starring in some wonderful crafty project. So let’s talk buttons…how could […]

Button Crafts - Craft Ideas That Use Your Button Stash! #crafts

Cool Ideas For Crafting With Sand

This time of year, I just want to find a sandy beach and kick off my flip flops. When I get home, I often find a little sand in my pockets. And into dryer. And everywhere really! Why not get crafty with it, right? Here are a few super cute crafts you can make with […]

Craft Klatch: Beachy Coaster DIY - Another Coaster Friday