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DIY Cleaning Slime Recipe

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DIY cleaning slime is great for picking up dust and lint from hard-to-reach places. It  leaves no residue and will last quite a while in an airtight container. It’s a lot like the kids play slime you may have seen, and if you have some of that in your house, you know it picks up […]

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how to stencil monogram-5

The BEST Stencil Trick Ever!

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I love stencils…but sometimes I’m a little sad when my paint coverage turns out a little blotchy or streaky from brush strokes. Want to know a way to get rid of brush strokes and bad coverage for your stencil projects? Easy! Don’t use a brush! When I want to float paint into the stencil to […]

Homemade Cleaning Wipes Tutorial

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Check out this super simple tip I shared on My Carolina Today this week… Making your own cleaning wipes save a ton of money and lets you better control what chemicals you put into your environment. Here is how you can make your very own natural cleaning wipes for pennies on the dollar! How To […]


Homemade Dusting Spray (For Wood)

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This is a great way to dust and care for wood surfaces. The natural soap cleans while the olive oil moisturizes and protects the wood. This is a fabulous alternative to the toxic chemicals you find in many dusting sprays. And you can customize the scent to your liking. Here’s what you will need: a […]


Delightful Details – Simple Pops of Personality For Your Sewing

Sewing expert, Heather Valentine, offers this excellent tip for taking basic sewing to the next level. She says to add personality by adding unique details to your handmade pieces. Heather says that adding small details can make the difference between something basic and something with real “wow” factor.  She suggest these ideas: ~Outline a print […]


Soup For A Sick-ee-poo

My oldest is sick today. He’s sick enough to stay home from school and eat lunch in bed. Poor baby. (“Yep. Even when you are 35, you will STILL be my baby!”) Today, he’s having a little chicken noodle soup, which reminded me of something I always do when bringing someone breakfast or any meal […]


We Have Issues. :)

Our site is having some technical difficulties making it impossible to click through to posts and a few other random design issues.  Never fear, our awesome development team is troubleshooting the issue and we should be back shortly! Thanks for your understanding – we hope you will come back soon!   Sincerely, Molly Craft Ideas […]

Operation Craft Space – Making Room For Creativity!

In life, I believe you make room for what you really care about. (Whether you mean to or not!) But so many people make room for everyone and everything else in their lives BUT themselves. Being creative isn’t just a silly hobby, it lets you express yourself. It feeds your soul. Making a place for […]