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The Easiest Way To Make a Desk! 1   Recently updated !

You know that tabletop stashed in the corner of the garage ’cause you just know you will find a use for it someday? Well, dust that puppy off because that day is TODAY! Hairpin Legs (easy-attach metal legs) are very sturdy and hold big tabletops like a champ. Best of all? All you need is […]

Easy Way To Hang Temporary Decorations (Even Curtains!)   Recently updated !

This is a tip that makes holiday decorating a lot more fun…don’t nail or tape decorations to your walls, use these temporary hangers instead! I had a baby shower recently for my Sister-In-Law and made TONS of decorations. We transformed the whole downstairs into baby party central! I used 3M Damage Free Hangers, Hooks, and […]



Custom Monogram Art Generator

Ooh! This is so cool…here is a way you can print a beautiful antique-looking monogram to frame as art for your office or bedroom. Monograms never go out of style, and this is so easy to do! Just select your color, enter you initial, and press “create” – that is it! It makes a pretty […]


How To Make A Rag Quilt   Recently updated !

Rag quilts are just cool aren’t they? Not only are they a fabulous way to use scrap material (even clothes and old concert tees,) they also make great gifts on a budget. I personally love the little ruffle made by the unfinished edge after washing it — so adorable!  This tutorial is one of the […]

DIY Funky and Cool Bookend Ideas   Recently updated !

These are so cool and SO much less expensive than buying designer bookends! 1. Vintage kitchen rolling pin DIY bookends – Mod Podge Rocks You can make DIY bookends out of almost anything, but this vintage rolling pin version is particularly charming. Looks great in a kitchen!… Vintage kitchen rolling pin DIY bookends – Mod […]

Heart Maine Home: Rope knot bookend {DIY}

Operation Craft Space – Making Room For Creativity!

In life, I believe you make room for what you really care about. (Whether you mean to or not!) But so many people make room for everyone and everything else in their lives BUT themselves. Being creative isn’t just a silly hobby, it lets you express yourself. It feeds your soul. Making a place for […]

Clean Fight – Learn How To Make A Pillow Cover   Recently updated !

EW, What’s THAT? Is that mud on my couch? Doesn’t smell like mud…smells kinda like…Oh. My. NOOOO. Keeping your DIY style together with kids is hard sometimes. My mother was (is) brilliant: she slipcovered everything when we were kids. All of our messy missteps were just a wash cycle away from being forgiven, and she […]

Stars and Stripes Quick 3D Wreath

Check out this awesome tutorial from Brandy on her blog “Brandy’s Crafts” – she made a 3 dimensional, red, white, and blue star wreath that is adorable on any door or window even. Quick and easy – Make one today and have it done before the family comes over this week…or what a sweet hostess […]

Try It! Make your own Re-usable Sweeper cloths   Recently updated !

I love my Swiffer. Really, I do. But what I don’t love so much is the cost of those little replacement pads. I always imagined something else I have kicking around the house might work just as well, but I couldn’t think of what. Then I came across this awesome post from Jackie on her […]

Crafty Quick Tip – Magic Strips

This is one of my favorite little tips for customizing framed artwork…just strip it! My little sister recently bought her first house…As a gift, I framed a page from one of our favorite childhood books and used a pretty blue polka dot scrapbook paper to edge the mat. So simple, but it was a gift […]