With some old cereal boxes, markers, hot glue or elastic, your kids can be kings or queens for the day…without the fast food hangovers.

Check out this beautifully done tutorial on Made By Joel that shows how to create your own party/dress up play crowns. They look cool because they are not perfect…don’t be afraid to get really creative! (If you really mess up, who cares…it’s just a cereal box, right?)

You can decorate them as he did and the kids did with markers and kid-safe paint, or if your kids are a bit older, use hot glue to add ribbons, crystals, or anything else you would like! A cardboard crown also makes a very cool base for a mixed-media paper crafting project. How cool would it be to ‘steampunk’ one of these up with gears, antique labels, spray stains, keys and such…awesome!

Guest Post | Cardboard Crown Tutorial Kids Craft | Made by Joel.

image: Made By Joel