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Nikki In Stitches - Kits and Handmade Tutorials

Featured Crafter: Nikki, In Stitches

Meet Nikki: She is awesome!

Nikki, a one time teacher and now professional Mom to two kids and crafter has an unbelievable talent for making just about anything. For years she would encourage friends to get crafty, saying “You could SO make that” when they would see trendy items in stores or catalogs. Today Nikki spends time teaching people how to make things with her fantastic tutorials and simple craft kits. We talked with Nikki recently to find out about her life, her crafty loves, and what keeps her going when the going gets tough.

Supporting Your Business: Developing Your Community On Facebook

This is an article we wrote for Meylah, a site that helps artists market their work. Enjoy! Congratulations! Your Facebook fan page is up and running, you have added all the necessary structural elements and you are posting status updates regularly. Now that you have a fan page, how do you maximize the value of […]