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21 Dinosaur Craft Ideas For Kids   Recently updated !

When it comes to things kids are obsessed with, dinosaurs are almost always at the top of the list. They are one of my favorite fun craft activities for kids. (See all of the dinosaur craft activities below!) Dinosaurs ARE really cool…mainly because it is easy to make the connection between something they think is fun […]


Pilgram crafts for thanksgiving at the kids table

27 Really Cool Pilgrim Crafts

When I was in Kindergarten, we had a big potluck ‘pilgrim feast’ to learn what it might have felt like at the first Thanksgiving. All the girls made paper bonnets, and the boys, construction paper pilgrim hats. Getting the kids interested in crafting like this helps start traditions of learning around holidays…and these particular pilgrim […]


On The Rocks – Make a DIY Tic Tac Toe Set   Recently updated !

  My kids love to paint rocks to make all sorts of things. We have made little rock creatures and even fun painted rocks to hide as a random surprise in the yard. This rock painting project from One Crafty Mumma lets you paint rocks with the kids and have a re-usable outdoor game to […]

DIY Bandana Trick Or Treat Bag   Recently updated !

Maybe you aren’t the kind of Mom who sews your kids’ clothes (a fact your kids are more than likely psyched about…”Totes embarrassing Mom!!”) but you can sew a little something cool for them this Halloween. This project  is quick, easy-sew, and a unique (in a good way) way for your kids to carry enough […]

Learn how to make a bandana trick-or-treat bag for Halloween. Illustrated tutorial and free pattern. #crafts #Halloween #sewing #easy #ciw

Sleepover Cheapover – Make a DIY Bring-Along Bed   Recently updated !

This is a BRILLIANT tutorial from the Domestic Goddesque on her super-crafty blog! Use pillows, a cozy cute sheet (or fabric, but sometimes sheets are less expensive and have the kids favorite characters!) to make this fluffy, puffy sleepover bed. A little cuddly piece of home they can take with them anywhere. Heck, use those […]

Art Crafts For Kids

Just because it is a “kid’s craft” doesn’t mean it has to be a throw away time waster…Doing crafts with your kids is a lot of fun — especially when your kids can create real art that will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips and resources that make making artistic crafts with your children super easy.

1. Create To Save

When selecting a crafty project to do with your little ones, think ahead of time about how you can store or display the projects. I don’t know about you, but too many of my kids art projects have gotten lost, destroyed on the kitchen table, or totally smooooshed in a move because there was no good way to store them safely. Painted art pieces that are 8 and a half by 11 are easily stored in an album or three ring binder with plastic sleeves. Little Popsicle stick turkeys can be displayed in shadow boxes and hung in a quiet spot on the wall. We are creating art, not junk — let’s showcase their little finger paintings! (Tip: Don’t forget to date your child’s artwork…trust me, ten years from now you will be glad you did!)

Art Crafts Just For Kids