Make Magnetic Paper Dolls For The Fridge

June 17, 2010

These are already scored for you on the Paperdolls Cricut cartridge. I used the “Everyday Paper Dolls” and “Paper Dolls Dress Up” cartridges. I also make little ones to give to my doctors and nurses on a popsicle stick and one for just about anyone I come across. It is easy to make them look like people and they love it!
My doctor even took her “nurse” paper doll on vacation with her and took pictures of the nurse in the sand at the beach at the tiki bar, etc … too cute.. Anyways, I cut them out 8 inches then I laminate them to protect them – small children like to tear up paper dolls. Then I just cut the clothes out on the Cricut also and laminate them and put velcro on them so the dolls can change clothes.

Favorite Crafting Tools

March 21, 2010

We asked our Facebook fans “What crafting tool can you not live without?” Here are some of the responses: – thread!! – I am not sure if this is really considered a crafting tool but I got a bobbin winder called the SideWinder. This thing is so cool and cute-it winds the bobbins for my […]