They Might Be Giants

March 26, 2012

… 2012 in Knitting | 0 comments Share. How to knit a super-hyper-extra-bulky blanket using PVC piping and unspun wool roving. More info at …

Althea Crome – Knitting In Miniature

December 26, 2011

Some crafters just seem born to create a certain kind of thing that uniquely their thing. Meet Amazing crafts artist Althea Crome, the person who created the teeny-tiny little miniature knits seen in the movie Coraline (Focus Features, LAIKA 2009.) If you have never seen this video, it really is quite amazing to watch Althea […]

What's Better Than a "Triple Threat" – Interview With John Tartaglia

December 6, 2010

When a performer has exceptional talent as a dancer, a singer, and and actor, some say he or she is a “triple threat.” But what do you call someone who’s awe-inspiring talent and creative genius can be seen in theater, acting, singing, producing, puppeteering, developing productions from concept to fruition and everything in between? The […]

Make An Easy Rag Doll

How To Make A Flannel Rag Doll

April 3, 2010

What you will need:
* Fabric for the body – you will need about 1/2 – 3/4 yards skin colored fabric
* A needle and thread (and a sewing machine if you have one – speeds this project along considerably!)
* Yarn for the Hair
* Fabric to make clothes and accessories
* Down or soft stuffing (softer the better – this will give your finished doll a relaxed, whimsical look)
* Fabric Paint for the details of the face
* Fabric glue for the hair
* (optional) I used a zipper foot on my sewing machine to allow for better maneuverability