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Make a Quilted Mini Bag: Pattern Freebie!

Sometimes, I work on projects ahead of time and just cannot wait to share!! This is one of them... I created a super cute little mini bag pattern that is great for beginners learning how to sew and quilt. It is a simple little reversible tote that has a simple pieced quilt top and is bound together ...
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How To Make Bias Tape

Bias tape is simply strips of fabric that are cut on the diagonal, folded into the center, and folded once more. Cutting and prepping it this way allow the fabric to bend and stretch easily around corners and curves, making it perfect for binding quilts and other sewing projects. Want to make your own? Is ...
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Sew Easy Inset Circles

Here's how I sew easy inset circles using freezer paper and glue. 1. Draw a circle onto your freezer paper. Or three if you draw the wrong size. Twice. Not that I would do that. Cut out the circle, leaving the exterior intact.
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Cool Girls Sew and Tell

For me, learning to sew helped me see the world a little differently...if I see something cool, I immediately begin to think about how it was made;  a sort of wonderful creative problem solving exercise confirming I really can do anything I 'put my mind to.' I think every kid should learn to sew (or another 'make ...
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Make Photo Pillows – The Crafts Dept.

I absolutely despised being photographed as a child, but as my Mother told me then, 'You'll be grateful for these when you're older!' Now, I especially treasure all the candid shots, the silly ones where we didn't know Mom was looking and were blinded by the flash. (They are always right, aren't they?) Check out this lovely ...
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Make Reversible Christmas Stockings

This project is a lot of fun and pretty easy skill-wise for the beginner sewer. These make fabulous teacher gifts, perfect little pet stockings, or even fun holiday party favors for all the loved-ones who come by to visit! Plus, with coordinating fabrics and embellishments, you can get really creative. The ones pictured here reverse to ...
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