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DIY Wine Glass Charms

Here Is One Of The DIY Wine Glass Charms I Made - Customize With Pictures Of Your Party Guests! At a party recently, our lovely hostess whipped out the cutest beaded wine glass charms to help make sure everyone could keep track of their cocktails. By the end of the night, we were all thankful ...
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DIY Sharpie Stencil Mug

How cute is this? My son and I worked on a fun little project this evening...we made a Sharpie Mug, but instead of freehand drawing, we used a stencil! Here's what we did: First we Googled 'moustache' and found a cute graphic. Then we brought it in to my Silhouette Studio software. I showed him how to ...
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Wah! Pinterest Fail!

Tomorow, I will be on My Carolina Today with a few fun Pinterest projects...and this one: my biggest Pinterest crafts fail ever! The MYCT team asked me to make and bring some of the most popular Pinterest crafts. I did. And you know what was funny? The popular one I picked, Which was this photo to ...
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Q-Tip Art

There is serious art...and then there is art that just makes you feel good. Certain kinds of arts and crafts exist not to be perfect, but to loosen up your creativity and get you thinking outside of your self. This kind of art expands creativity and helps you develop new styles and skills. Q-Tip art is ...
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DIY Glitter Champagne Glasses

Charlotte wrote to us with a question...she asked, ' I am looking to make some glitter wine glasses and bottles. I am aware the glue has to be Food safe and Non-toxic (as well as permanent).. can anyone make recommendations on glue to use?' You guys suggested some great techniques...the one mentioned by most of you ...
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Ridin’ Cozy

When I was asked recently to review a 'onesie' I thought, 'Well, Sure!' I mean, I just had a baby and he loves his little Onesie outfits. Figured maybe we'd get a few in the mail for him, right? When I opened the package from the OnePiece company,  I found something I wasn't exactly expecting. This one-piece ...
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Lovely Little Lights

It happens just about every night around Christmas time. The kids are all snuggled in their beds, the house is quiet, and I'm shutting everything down. I pause for a minute in the quiet and stare at all the pretty lights on the Christmas tree. I reflect on how much has changed since last Christmas. This ...
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