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Best DIY Secret To Softer Skin

I used to work in the beauty and cosmetics industry. And if there is one thing I heard a lot about, it was the importance of establishing a beauty routine. Ingredients are important too. All natural, good-for-you ingredients whenever possible! A lot of people suggest products like sugar scrubs for this purpose. Can I be honest? ...
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The Best Homemade Body Oil Recipe

This body oil recipe is one of my favorites. It softens skin and costs a lot less than expensive lotions and potions with similar ingredients. Plus it is all natural. Yay! What you will need to make homemade body oil: 1 Tbsp Shea Butter 3 ounces Sweet Almond Oil 2 Tbsp Olive Oil up to 15 drops of essential oil ...
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6 Simply Stunning Paper Flower Crafts

1. Storybook Roses These tell a story...literally...and a very romantic one at that! 100 layer Cake shares a perfect tutorial on making these DIY paper roses, fit for any bridal bouquet. Storybook Paper Roses Tutorial 2. Sewing Pattern Paper Peonies These just look so vintage-y and rustic, don't they? You wouldn't believe how Makela made them over at The ...
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7 Quick and Easy DIY Coaster Crafts

When it comes to quick and easy crafts that work for pretty much all ages and skill levels, embellishing coasters is a classic. Making DIY coasters are a great craft for parties or just an afternoon with friends.  Also, a set of these with a pretty tag or label is an absolutely adorable hostess gift. Here ...
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5 Minute Shadowboxes

I showed a super quick shadowbox project when I was on My Carolina Today this week and wanted to show you a little more about how you can make one too! Here is an 8 x 8 shadowbox I made all about my boys. These are so easy to make. The best thing is it ...
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Make It: Fabric Covered Boxes

Very talented crafter and CIW fan, Linda Kiddell, shared a beautiful project she was working on and we all thought it was so cool, we begged her to share how she did it! Linda was kind enough to demonstrate her method for making fabric -covered boxes. Here is how to do it: How to make a ...
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How to Paint Perfect Lettering

Ever try to create a painted sign, only to end up with squiggly, ugly lettering? Sign artists use rulers and lines to create cool lettering, but use this trick, and your handpainted letters and signs will look professional every time! What you'll need: Saral Transfer Paper A sharp pencil Something to layout and print text How to hand paint lettering: First, ...
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Handmade Chocolate Lollipops

  When I first moved to North Carolina, I worked in a bakery owned by a young lady who had studied at a top culinary school. She knew a lot of cool tricks, which made a job that started at 6am seem like a lot more fun for me. One day she made a chocolate design ...
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Make Embellished Safety Pins

This cute and easy craft idea from Consumer Crafts' site Crafts Unleashed is straight out of my childhood. Seriously...Do you remember decorating your bookbag with all kinds of cute beaded and wrapped safety pins? Anywhoo...I totally do! Crafts Unleashed shares this super cute idea for making wrapped safety pins and shows just how to get them ...
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Make It! Modern Salt Dough Hearts

Remember making things out of salt dough when you were little? Well, this is kind of like that, only SO much more beautiful! Aga from Passion Shake sent us this absolutely beautifully done tutorial on how to make artful salt dough ornaments, just in time for Valentine's Day. What a sweet way to show you care ...
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Soup Can Desk Organizer

So you know those soup cans with the pull off lid? They make the BEST desk organizers. They also give you the perfect excuse to play with your scrapbook paper stash. Here's a quick and easy craft you can do in 5 minutes! Ready? Let's go! You will need: a pop top soup can (the ones that leave ...
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