Craft Business: What’s In A Name?

So you have a great idea, beautiful products, and are super excited to get started selling your crafts. You are about ready to welcome your “baby” to the world and might be starting to ask…hey, what are we going name this thing?

Here are a few things to consider when you are naming your creative business:

My First Business - A retail store selling handmade natural candles, soaps, and perfumes

1. Does it have personality?
A creative business should have a name that attracts people, puts them at ease, or gives a whimsical feel. This personality should reflect not only the personality of the products, but also your personal flair. It should fit with other businesses in your category but not be so similar that your customers won’t remember you apart from your competitors.
2. Does it describe what you do?
While a totally random and whimsical name might be fun (believe me creative people can come up with some super creative names!) don’t forget you need to inform your customers within seconds of attracting their attention.  If your customers are scratching their heads trying to figure out what you do, marketing your business may be an uphill battle and customers are not likely to spend the time.

Making sure your company’s name is descriptive will also help you get found in online search…everything from your web address to your website tag line will contain descriptive category terms that are probably searched often. For example, a company that nature-themed art for baby rooms might want to consider a name like Blue Bird Baby Room Art to create a brand that calls to the type of product they sell. It instantly tells the customer what to expect from that company. (Feel free to be way more creative than that of course…just a general example.)
3. Does it inspire a compelling (and appropriate) visual?
Coming up with the business name that captures all the senses will make it much more memorable and make it easier for you to build a rich beautiful brand. People are bombarded with advertisements company advertising, and tons of things trying to grab their attention every day. Developing a company name, logo, and eventually a brand with its own unique personality will help differentiate you from your competition.
Many years ago while naming my first business, a small natural bath, body, and candle shop, I struggled to find a name that I felt suited the company. Not being someone to over think things (especially not at 20 years old!) I picked a pretty but obscure Greek goddess name and then added to “bath and beauty” to the end of it. It was not until my very expensive storefront sign was in lights did I realize the name “Dido” (the aforementioned Greek Goddess) looked an awful lot like another word that made people giggle. Whoops – at least I guess it was successful in getting attention! Having already purchased the sign and advertising…I went with it, giggled back, and educated many on the story of the Greek goddess to divert people. I have since learned to consider any and EVERY possible double meaning or word similarity when helping clients name companies.

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  • Cindy

    That is pretty funny. I am looking for a name to set up my Etsy store for selling baby bibs that I make. Any suggestions? The bibs are quilted and in fashion fabrics.

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    Hi Molly,

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    Hi Angela,
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