Gift Wrap Wreaths

Gift Wrap Wreath - What To Do With Extra Wrapping PaperI don’t know about you, but anytime I wrap a gift it seems there is always a useless strip or wrapping paper left over. And around Christmas? Don’t even ask how many…What do you do?

Try making a wreath – this one is basically just one long strip of wrapping paper, folded accordion style. Once I had all of it folded, I cut it in half and glued them end to end (pretty sides up). Once you have on super long accordion, glue the edges to each other to make a circle.

Next cut out a piece of cardstock that is just slightly smaller around than your accordion circle (use a paper plate if that is what you have handy). Use a nice big cup to trace a circle in the center and cut it out.

Take your wrapping paper accordion circle and arrange it on the cardstock – you don’t want to see the cardstock behind it. Trim the cardstock a bit if you need to.

Now we glue! Here is the only slightly tricky part: you will glue the accordion to its cardstock back one side at a time (to illustrate – imagine a cross in the center, you would glue each point, one at a time.) Just lift up the folded part, add a 1 inch dab of hot glue, and arrange the folds – this makes sure they look even. I imagine if you use a quick dry craft glue, it would work just as well and the gluing may be simpler, but you’ll need to wait overnight before you hang it. If you read this site often, you know I’m an instant results kind of girl…for me, hot glue it is!

I also like to hot glue a bow on the bottom. You can glue on pretty much anything you like as long as it isn’t too heavy.

These work great to ‘holiday up’ a boring cubicle or attach a magnet to the back and you have a fridge wreath! Fun, pretty, and one less thing that goes to waste.